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Is Hits4Free really free?
Yes, Hits4Free is a none-commercial site. That means you can use our services for free. Feel free to submit your site to all search engines in our database for free, and you don't need to put any ads/links on your website.
Hits4Free is 100% FREE.

How can Hits4Free be free?
Because we don't mind offering our services without payment.

I know many services like Hits4Free, how is Hits4Free different?
Well, if you ask us, we are the best! Do we need to explain why? Well, below is the answer:

  • Our script system will do all the work for you
    That means you can surf while your submission is in progress.
    Many other multi submission services require that you click one submit button for each search engine you want submit your site to. We do that automatically. Our submission takes approximately 10 minutes, services where you have to click a submit button for every search engine normally takes one minute for each search engine. That would mean 43 minutes for 43 search engines. We do that in 10 minutes. Also, you can submit more than one site at once with Hits4Free.

  • We are free
    Yep, we are, but many other services like Hits4Free are not free. :)

  • You can create an account and put up schedules
    You probably already knew that you have to re-submit your site more than once to get listed in all search engines so they don't forget you and so they rank you high. But be honest, when was last time you submitted your site to any search engine? More than two weeks ago?
    Well, you better do something about it... Or let us do something about it - for FREE!
    RemindMe is a feature from Hits4Free where we will remind you to re-submit your site once in a while. You choose how often we shall remind you - once a week or once a month?
    When we remind you, we send you a mail with a link. When you click this link we will ask you for your account password. Just enter it and we will re-submit your site to all search engines - and you don't need to re-enter your information, we keep it for you.
    You may sign up for this (free) service while your submission is in progress.

  • All our search engines are indexing sites with all different kind of subjects!
    We only add your site to high quality search engines with many visitors. We don't submit your site to search engines specialized in one single subject. That means that our search engines are not going to refuse to add your site to their index because it's not about sport, music, comedy etc.

  • Our database is always current.
    We do manually check each and every search engine on a regular basis. If they don't accept submissions anymore or if they have removed their submit-script we will detect this and solve the problem if it is possible, or we will remove the search engine. Most other multi submission services don't bother to remove search engines, as they like to boast about how many search engines they have in their database.

  • Complete data means higher priority
    Most multi submission services just ask for your site data (url, keywords, titel etc), they don't bother to collect and submit your personal data (country, state, city etc). Our script system collects your personal data and submits that too. This will result in that you increase your chances to be indexed and get ranked high.

  • More search engines means more hits
    We submit your site to 43 search engines, that is many more than most other search engines.
    And we don't just tell you we have 43 search engines, we show the result of each and every submission so you know you really get submitted to all search engines.

...And that's why we think we are the best.

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