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Welcome to Cgi4Free
A service provided by javascript.nu

Cgi4Free is a site where we host scripts for you.
Cgi4Free uses fast servers and will not put ads on your scripts, just to make sure you will be 100% satisfied!

How it works?
You sign up for one or more accounts, and for each account we will, immediately, set up some free scripts for you. The scripts are 100% customizable and you can change text color, font, background color/picture etc. It's completely up to you to decide how your scripts shall look like. You can also, when it's necessary, choose language on your scripts.

If you want sign up for a free account, please sign up in the form below.

Our policy is simple: We will NEVER give out any information about you to anyone - and we will never send you any junkmail (SPAM).

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